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Deepsea Synchronization Panel

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Deepsea Synchronization Panel

Our Deepsea synchronization panel is made using Deepsea 7510 advanced module which provides advanced load share functionality for diesel and gas generating sets, including both non-electronic and electronic engines. The generator control panel also offers good engine monitoring and protection features. It monitors the mains supply, and automatically starts the generator set when there is a loss in mains utility power.

The synchronization panel's synchronizing functions include automatic synchronizing with built-in synchroscope and closing onto dead bus. It is designed to synchronize up to 16 generator sets or 16 mains supplies (maximally 20 systems, for example 16 generators and 4 mains supply system).

The Deepsea synchronization panel has the ability to monitor generator under/over volts, over current, under/over frequency, under speed, over speed, high water temperature, reverse power, etc.

Features of the Deepsea Synchronization Panel
1. The Deepsea synchronization control panel offers electronic engine capability.
2. RS232 or RS485 remote communication interfaces are available.
3. Modbus RTU communication protocols.
4. Pin number protected front panel programming.
5. The Deepsea synchronization panel is designed with a genset testing timer.
6. Back-lit LCD 4-line text display
7. The Deepsea genset control panel can display in multiple languages
8. Configurable inputs and outputs
9. The Deepsea synchronization panel allows a generator set to start manually or automatically.
10. LED indicators and audible alarms
11. The generator set control panel has built in governor and AVR controls, which ensures easy operation and panel engineering.
12. Engine protection function is available.
13. Fault conditions can be displayed on a PC.
14. The Deepsea synchronization control panel can send alarming information to a mobile phone.
15. It has a magnetic pick up.
16. Over high engine temperature alarming function is available.

Load share features of the Deepsea synchronization panel
1. Uninterruptible transfer
2. Peak shaving
3. Sequential genset start
4. The Deepsea synchronization panel can display the power of mains supply.
5. Mains decoupling test mode
6. The Deepsea synchronization generator control panel offer manual speed and frequency adjustment functions, which ensures convenient genset speed and frequency change.
7. Phase locking function
8. The generator control panel can automatically start and stop generators according to load demand.
9. The Deepsea synchronization panel can automatically record the running hour of generators
10. Dead bus sensing
11. The panel has the ability to interface with existing load share lines.
12. The synchronization panel is allowed for directly connection with speed governor and AVRs.
13. Volts and frequency matching
14. Kw and kvar load sharing with multiple generators
15. Manual voltage adjust

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